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The Artwork Guidelines page has templates and defines the technical specs for how to prepare your artwork for buttons, magnets, or button packs.  If you're a seasoned designer none of this will be foreign to you.

If you're new to Adobe design applications, or a beginner the step by step PDF instructions included in the download will come in handy.  

PLEASE DON'T: Send us file from Google Image search, or your website.  Web resolution files are not suitable for printing and lack the resolution, and pixel requirements to make good professional grade buttons. 

Need design help?  Try our EZ Design Service

Please submit your files as .PSD files for Photoshop and EPS files for Illustrator, per our Artwork Guidelines page.

In general, we accept print resolution files with an acceptable bleed in the following file formats:

  • .PSD
  • .EPS
  • .TIFF
  • .PDF
  • .AI
  • .JPG (high quality only). 

Not sure if your file is okay?  E-mail us and we'll check it out for you. 

When you order buttons and magnets from One Inch Round, you need to place your order BEFORE submitting your files.  Once your order is placed, you can attach your files to your order on the Order Summary page. Here you will see a tab to upload your artwork.  



Delayed submission of your artwork = Delayed shipment of your order.  
Not art = no buttons.  We can't make your order without.  


Be sure you read our Artwork Guidlines page for custom buttons and your files were prepared properly.

If you're using Corell Draw or another application that's okay as long as your artwork meets the basic requirements stated on the Artwork Guidelines page for custom buttons.  Be sure to "outline your fonts" and embed any placed images.  


Are you using Microsoft Word?  If you're on a Mac, you can try saving your file as a PDF through the "Print to PDF" function native to Macintosh Operating System.  Most of the time this will work and get us a usable file. 


Still unsure if your artwork will work? Once you've started your order, you're welcome to email your artwork to and we'll make sure your files are good to go! Just reference your order number in the subject line or body of the e-mail.

Artwork for custom buttons may also be emailed to  Just reference your order number in the subject line or body of the email.

If your button artwork files are too large to email, you can FTP them to your own server or Dropbox and send a link to Or call us and we'll give you the One Inch Round FTP address. 

For technical support beyond the scope of the .PDF instructions included with the templates, you're welcome to contact us directly. We're happy to help!


If you need design assistance, call or email us for a quote. We have competitive hourly rates for designing your custom promotional buttons and magnets.

Need something simple?  You should also check our our EZ Design Service which have the price of design included in the price. 



Yes!  You can mix and match multiple designs and still be eligible for QTY Price breaks. 


  • There is a per design minimum of 100 pieces for orders of custom buttons and magnets.  
  • Price breaks are calculated by the total of each size.
    (example: a 500 1" button order may contain up to 5 different button designs at the 500 piece price rate).

Get started with your order! 

Our standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days (not including shipping) for any order of custom buttons or magnets that can be placed through our site (up to 10,000 buttons).

Here's a breakdown of how long your order might take to produce

If you have a specific deadline that's cutting it close, enter it into the "comments/special instructions" section of your order form or call us. Your deadline is truly important to us with promotional buttons and time sensitive button orders.

Shipping times vary depending on your geographic location. Here's a map to help you calculate shipping timeline. *This map is for UPS Ground Services*


Yes, we want to get you your buttons when you need them.   Contact us for a quote! 

Why do you charge more for Rush orders?

  • Extra labor costs (overtime, re arranging our schedule to accommodate, etc.),
  • Risk.  We guarantee rush orders, if your order is late, and it's our fault, it's free.
  • Express Shipping costs (if necessary). 

Next Day Air seems really expensive right?  But is it really.... you're basically buying your buttons a cab ride from our shop, to the PDX Airport, and plane ticket, and cab ride to your house..... for around $50.  


We promise to:  Find the most cost effective way to get you your order when you need it.  What can be done, will be done. 


Due to the time sensitive nature of RUSH Orders,we only accept rush orders via phone.

Casual emails requesting service upgrades after an online order has been placed will not be honored.  It does not work. 

Contact us


Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. 

Yes, we offer customer pick up for local customers, choose that option during the check-out process.. 

We're located in the Division / Clinton Business district near 39th & Division

Still have questions?

Contact us!

Monday - Friday, 8am-4pm PST 503.233.8003 (No phone trees, just humans.)