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Please use our Adobe Illustrator™ or Photoshop™ templates when designing your buttons and magnets. You'll be able to upload your artwork with us as soon as you've placed your order.

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Custom Buttons, All Sizes
Custom Magnets, All Sizes
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Please understand: We reserve the right to refuse any art files that are below our minimum requirements. Poorly prepared art files = poor quality buttons. This is in your best interest. We want you to love your buttons. We're happy to make simple fixes to your artwork where and when we can.

Need help? Want us to look at your art files? E-mail us and we’ll gladly inspect your artwork for free.

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We DO NOT accept

  • .GIF Files
  • Low resolution .JPGs from Google Image Search
  • Microsoft Word documents
    (print to PDF and they'll likely work)
  • Files in RGB Color mode

Need some more help with your art files? Don't fret! We're able to resolve any concerns you may have.

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