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We are operating in a limited capacity with strict new safety measures but we hope to see your smiling faces soon! Read on to find out more about what this may mean for your order. 

Priority for Essential Service Customers.

We've seen an increase in workplace safety designs, like orders for green & red buttons and magnets from hospitals and social distancing buttons for grocers and other essential services. These customers are being given priority rush service for free.

Pre-verify Your Turnaround Time.

If your order is time sensitive, please e-mail or call in advance to confirm your turnaround needs and our schedule. We are currently operating on time but the situation is evolving rapidly and could affect the standard turnaround times you've become accustomed to. You can reach us at  

Parking Lot Pickups.

Our building is off limits to the public. Zero exceptions. This includes delivery drivers, mail carriers, customers, etc. until further notice.  

Customer Pick-up rules:  

  1. Call 503-233-8003 in advance to make arrangements to pick up your order.
  2. Upon arrival, call us from your car in our west side parking lot. Please remain in your car.  
  3. Our staff will bring your order outside the door next to our parking lot and wave to you when they're done.

We know this is awkward, but this is an extreme circumstance and each other's safety comes first. 

Stay Tuned for Updates.

A proactive approach to our business is why we're celebrating our 20th anniversary (though not in the way we imagined). Our team wants to be working right now, and we are allowing small teams to do so to ensure distancing with strict new safety measures we're all voluntarily adopting. Significant cleaning protocols throughout the day, distancing rules in the warehouse, smaller teams on site, as well as entry and egress protocols both at work and at home are now a way of life for the time being. These were put into place prior to any official advisories, and will continue after they've passed. Of course, no one is required to be at work at this time and any of us who can are working remotely.

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